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Memorial Day 2017

John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


Arlington Cemetery

Today is Memorial Day 2017. It is a day we remember those who gave the greatest sacrifice – those who gave their lives for our nation – for our freedoms. It is a day that we remember that freedom is not free. Pictures of Arlington Cemetery reminds us of the number of folks who have served and died. It is an amazing experience to visit one of our veteran’s cemetery’s.

I use to walk to and from school past the Annapolis Veteran’s Cemetery and would often say a prayer of thanks for those who have served and died. I remember a few years ago attending a service for my cousin who served in Viet Nam and most likely died of something he was exposed to in Nam. He didn’t die in Nam but may well have died early because of Nam. Not all veteran’s died during war time – but they all were exposed to life and death as they served our nation. Continue reading

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God’s Word Is A Light For Our Path

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

RayMcDOK – yesterday was a day when some really expressed themselves on Facebook (and I imagine it will continue). I thought about closing my account several times during the election process. I came even closer on Wednesday as people complained about the election results. It wasn’t that they were complaining but how they were complaining. Some – even clergy colleagues – were super upset with those who elected the other candidate from their choice. I haven’t heard such name calling in some time (at least not since the pre-election process from both candidates).

We could write for days about the shortcomings of both main candidates. But the time for this is past (if there ever was a time). The time now is to come together and support the candidate(s) elected (I’m not happy – for instance – with several persons elected in Maryland and in the country) – IMHO.

My prayer yesterday and today and moving forward is that God will show us the path to take. As Christians and as Americans we need a path forward. We need a plan if we agree and if we disagree with the path we are currently on as a nation. We need a path to walk where we can be faithful to God and country (if and when possible). Continue reading

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