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Searching for the Lost

Luke 15:6

‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’

Life ChangeI know I’m weird – at least weirder than most people (no shouts of amen please). When I lose something – it is very hard for me to stop looking for it. I’ve searched for hours at times. I’ve been known to get up in the middle of the night – to look for something that I had misplaced. I woke just this past week to look for my wedding ring. I realized – in my sleep – that it wasn’t on my finger. Don’t ask how – but yes – I did.

Some know that I had lost my wedding band for a whole year. I rationalized in my mind that my grandchildren had dropped it in the trash can (by mistake) when I left it on my desk at home during my second shoulder surgery. I searched a good two months before I settled in my mind that it was gone. I thought it was long gone – and then a year later – almost to the day – I found it in an old pair of pajama bottoms I must have had on while recovering from the surgery (my wife says the meds must have had me loopy for me to not remember putting it in there). The joy at finding my ring was audible for all in the house. I was so excited – my wife wasn’t sure what had happened. Continue reading

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