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2020 Needs A Refocus

Proverbs 15:13

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.

20B2484D-93F3-4834-A657-15E51ED76F9ASo – how has your 2020 gone so far? It is early in July – the second half of the year has begun. What have you lost or missed the most? Did you lose your senior year in school? Did you lose a job or your retirement in the market? Are you worried about our country as we deal with a cancel culture – racism – and the upcoming elections?

What – if anything – have you decided to change in your life recently? Has the pandemic given you a new look at life? What have we planned to do differently this fall and into 2021? Setting goals is important – because we all know – if you aim at nothing – you’re bound to hit it! What goals have you – have we – set? My daughter posted this some time back: Don’t downgrade your dreams just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny. Continue reading

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There Are Eyes All Around

Exodus 34:29
When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.

Rays HaircutI often ask this question. What brings a smile to your face? Of course the first answer I would give these days is spending time with my grandchildren (and children) (although I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like with this pandemic). We now have five grandchildren with a sixth on the way (sooner rather than later we hope) (adoption in process).

Another thing that would being a smile to my face would be the opening of the golf courses in the area. And as always – long winning streaks by my favorite teams (the Baltimore Ravens – Washington Redskins – Baltimore Orioles – and Washington Nationals). Didn’t the Ravens play great last season – except for the playoffs? The Nationals went all the way and won the World Series. That was great to watch. I hope we get to see the Orioles winning again on a regular basis like when I was growing up. You know what would bring some smiles to area fans? If the Orioles could make improvement each year – that would bring a smile to our faces.

Still another reason to smile might be time spent with my wife. She is the very best people. I don’t deserve her for sure. I definitely married up.

I could get very pastoral (and truthful) and say a smile comes across my face when a person receives Jesus Christ – when the light comes on for them in their personal relationship with Jesus. Other things bring a smile to my face as well – like when my friend makes a good shot in golf and gets excited about it. When we see someone with a smile on their face we usually think something just happened and we tend to be curious.

How about when people notice you have lost weight? Better yet – when they say something encouraging to you (if losing weight was what you were after). I remember when one of my daughters greeted me with a hug and she said – getting skinny dad – as she wrapped her arms around me? What about someone saying something about your new hairdo or your new dress (or suit)? How about the smell of your favorite food – or freshly baked bread – or bacon frying (that one always brings a smile to my face)? Continue reading

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Jesus Is The Great Physician

Matthew 9:12

 On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

Life ChangeI go to see my primary physician next month. My hope is that he will allow me to stay off my Blood Pressure medicine and be happy with my weight loss (65 pounds now – I want to get to 100). I’ve also backed off most of my meds for my Tourette Syndrome (not totally but mostly). I also need to get my flu shot (might get it at the hospital because my doctor’s have a clinic on Saturdays for the shot and I am usually tied up on Saturday mornings).

Health care is so important. I’ve had both shoulders worked on (rotator cuff surgery) and I have gotten cortisone shots in both knees (getting old is not for whimps – said my dad). My orthopedic surgeon is looking into other injections for my knees. I want to be able to walk more and play golf and not have such pain. I haven’t played basketball for 6 months now because of pain in my knees.

Some of the Presidential candidates are talking about health insurance for all and this sounds nice – but how will it be paid for is the big question and will we be able to keep our current health plans and doctors? When is the last time you went to the doctor’s office or the hospital? I know I am very appreciative of the doctors and caregivers that have treated me during my surgeries and treatments. Continue reading

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Delight in the Lord!

Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

RayMcDIn what do we take delight? The baseball season is heading toward the end of the regular season and the playoffs. My Orioles are fighting for the worst record in team history – and maybe the number one draft pick next year. As I type this devotional I am switching between the Orioles and the Ravens. The football season is soon to arrive. Some are excited about it and some are not. There is so much politics involved in the game it seems.

In what do we take delight? I have joined five brothers from church in trying to encourage one another in losing weight. We have lost over 70 pounds together since July 15th. We delight in the camaraderie and encouragement we share. Most all of us are in double digits with our weight loss. We’re trying to get to 5% before Labor Day – 8% by Thanksgiving – and 10% by Christmas. Two brothers have met the 5% by Labor Day already and two others are very close. One brother is nearing his 8% total already. We delight in our weigh-ins and supporting one another. Continue reading

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We Were Bought At A Price

1 Corinthians 6:20

…you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

RayChildOK – my wife says I’m about ready to purchase some new clothes. I’m hovering around 60 pounds lost – my goal in my first year (I’m only into my 4th month since surgery) is 75-100 pounds so I still have some losing to do. When I look at the cost of new clothes – I was kind of hoping I would only need to buy once. I found a company called Trunk Club on Facebook – they will pick out your clothes for you and send them to you – LOL. The style is great (my wife can match clothes for me) but the cost is high. These type of services are for those on the move who cannot take the time or do not have the ability to match clothes and have plenty of money I think.

I might purchase a few pairs of pants – I already bought a couple new shirts – and maybe one new dress jacket – maybe two – to get me through this middle stage of the process. The issue for me is not wanting to spend too much that I feel bad about letting them go in a few months verses not wanting to look like I’m swimming in my clothes now till I do buy. I have gone down 4 sizes in pants – I’m wearing belts I haven’t in years – and my shirts are starting to bag. I’m not complaining mind you – but I hate spending money on clothes – LOL. Continue reading

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