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What We Need Is God’s Love

1 John 4:7

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.

Pic of Ray 11302014We’re living in a time – not unlike many times in our history – where love is very much needed. Yet we live in a time when love is the furthest thing from the minds and hearts of many. Actually – some are running away from God’s perfect love and running toward the devil’s hatred.

I am appalled by the happenings around our country – as many are – and for a variety of reasons I’m sure. Hatred is running rampant in so many of our communities. Anger is all around us. Peaceful and non-peaceful protests are on the news every night. Something needs to change in our country and now is the time for every good Christian man and woman to stand up and be counted.

It is above my pay grade to know all the answers for sure – so I will not try to decide right and wrong in each case placed before us in the news. I have tried to stay out of the fray when it comes to commenting on the situations the news has blasted all over our TV screens and the internet. Some of my friends and colleagues on social media and from pulpits have been very outspoken – and I respect their right to their opinions. Continue reading

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