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When The Foundations Are Being Destroyed

Psalm 11:3

When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Life ChangeAndy Griffith is one of my favorite all-time shows. I grew up watching Andy – Opie – Barney and Aunt Bea. Times were good and even the unchurched were fairly moral and had values in Mayberry. This show took place during the 50’s & 60’s just a few states south of us.

I wish that the troubles Opie had would be the troubles our youth would get into today. Unfortunately – our youth – and our society as a whole – are far beyond the sins of Mayberry. Our communities used to resemble Mayberry’s morals and values. I can remember growing up near here. As a matter of fact – I can remember watching Mayberry as a child – and thinking our community was like it. How did we get to the place we are today? How have we become so corrupt and sinful?

A 1994 survey conducted (I know – 25 years ago) by Josh McDowell’s ministry team showed some startling results. The study showed that among churched youth from 11-18 – 66% lied to a parent – teacher – or another adult in the previous 3 months. Continuing – 59% lied to one of their peers – 36% cheated on an exam – and 23% intentionally tried to hurt someone. I was blown away when I first read that survey in 1994 and I only imagine it has gotten worse.  Additionally – the survey showed that – 55% have engaged in sexual behavior by age 18 – 50% say they are stressed out – and 55% say they are confused. Remember – these were the churched youth! And 25 years ago! Continue reading

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Grief is Real

Genesis 25:8

Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people.

Yesterday I went with a family – some friends from younger years at another church – to spend some time with the body of their 30 year-old son who died Sunday – on Mother’s Day – in a car accident. As I stood with the family and tried to hold back the tears – my thoughts went to my nearly 30 year old daughters and eventually to my mom and my dad’s passing.

I was reminded of today’s passage – as I thought of my dad’s passing nearly 6 years ago. When dad passed – my dad was 84 – he would have bene 90 this summer. I would have loved to have had him around another 16 years or so – yet he was at a good old age when he died. He was ready to meet his Maker – even though he would have loved to stay around to be with a family that he loved and who loved him. One of the comforting thoughts I cling to even today is that as much as he loves us – he wouldn’t trade a moment of heaven for another moment with us. He is in God’s glory! Continue reading

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Fishing For Men and Women

Matthew 4:19

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

I have a number of friends who love to fish. I never really got into it – I get motion sick very easily – but wouldn’t mind sitting on a shoreline somewhere on a lazy summer day with a line in the water. My friends post pictures of some of their favorite fishing holes on Facebook. They really enjoy fishing. It must be very exciting and relaxing to them.

A friend of mine from a former church is really into fishing. He often posts pictures of fish he has caught on Facebook. He gets some big ones. He and another friend go deep water fishing at times. My friend’s youngest son has taken an interest in fishing as well and they are often together at their favorite fishing hole – as seen on his Facebook page! He brought a dozen or more rods to church one Sunday for a prop for a sermon series titled Gone Fishing or something like that. I miss this friend dearly! We both play golf and need to do more of it together this coming season. Continue reading

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